Know where your fish comes from … and why we care so much

Our commitment to “Know Where Your Fish Comes From” started with an interest in exploring the chemistry between the people harvesting your fish and those who sell it to you.

We started buying fresh seafood directly from Cape Cod fishing families the day we opened our first fish market on Wellfleet’s Town Pier in 1995. Buying local wasn’t in style back then; it was the only way we knew how.

We still believe there is no match for our local catch. It is what inspires our ultra-high standards of quality, sustainability, and customer service:


Our Commitment to Quality

Our top priority is finding the best fish and shellfish out there and serving it to you in perfect condition. If we ever disappoint you, please tell us, so we can make things right.

Striving for Sustainability

We’re convinced only well-managed fisheries will survive for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. That’s why we work closely with local fishermen who share our values. Buying this way keeps us smart about what’s in season and on top of how each species is harvested.

While our fish can’t always be sourced locally, we do our best to support inshore fisherman working on a smaller scale. And, when necessary, we rely on sustainable larger offshore organizations.

We respect and work with the whole catch—though the cod out here is fantastic, so are less targeted species like pollock, hake, mackerel, and squid.

A few great seafood items, like Pacific salmon and wild Mexican shrimp, come to us from farther away. In those cases, the same rules we use locally apply: we look for superior quality, make sure the fishermen are people we can actually talk to directly, and support sustainable fishing methods.

Keep asking where your fish comes from. We do. It matters.

Our Commitment to You

In short, we care. We care about our seafood, our staff, and YOU. 

For generations, the Mac’s experience has gone well beyond food. From the unique location on the Pier, to the camaraderie and bustle of the Shack, to the year-round dining in Provincetown, we care about your experience. We love seeing the grandchildren eating ice cream on the Pier and the same customers who return year after year.

Mac’s approachability, his passion and vision, his commitment to excellence, and his hands-on presence is recognized and appreciated, by both staff and customers. At Mac’s, it’s not only about business; it’s about the community. We are passionate about Cape Cod, and we are passionate about seafood.

Know where your fish comes from, and know we care.

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Thank you!


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