Mac’s New Hazy IPA

Mac’s New Hazy IPA

Mac’s Hazy IPA, Doc Bradford’s Remedy, has arrived! This local craft brew is inspired by long summer days fishing with Mac’s Grandfather, Doc Bradford (he’s pictured on the right – the gentleman in the left with the pipe is Doc’s fishing buddy Shep).

We partnered with MA-based Vanished Valley Brewing to create a taste that is all summer – super refreshing with lines of bright tropical fruits, tangerine and grapefruit. And it’s as hazy as a Wellfleet Harbor sunset. Doc would have loved sipping down this ‘remedy’ after a long day of sea fishing. We hope you do too.

On tap:
Mac’s Shack Wellfleet
Mac’s Fish House Provincetown
Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster

By the can:
Mac’s Market & Kitchen Eastham

Thanks to Vanished Valley Brewing for nailing it! This beer tastes amazing and really captures the spirit of Doc.