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Our top priority is finding the best fish and shellfish out there and serving it to you in perfect condition. If we ever disappoint you, please tell us, so we can make things right.

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We’re convinced only well-managed fisheries will survive for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. That’s why we work closely with local fishermen who share our values. Buying this way keeps us smart about what’s in season and on top of how each species is harvested.

While our fish can’t always be sourced locally, we do our best to support inshore fisherman working on a smaller scale. And, when necessary, we rely on sustainable larger offshore organizations.

We respect and work with the whole catch—though the cod out here is fantastic, so are less targeted species like pollock, hake, mackerel, and squid.

A few great seafood items, like Pacific salmon and wild Mexican shrimp, come to us from farther away. In those cases, the same rules we use locally apply: we look for superior quality, make sure the fishermen are people we can actually talk to directly, and support sustainable fishing methods.

Keep asking where your fish comes from. We do. It matters. 

Chatham Fish & Lobster Co

Chatham Fish & Lobster Co. is a landmark seafood packing, processing, and wholesale distribution company based in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. We focus on maintaining strong relationships with responsible fishermen, dealers, importers and exporters up and down the East Coast. We offer a full line of top quality fresh, frozen, and live seafood. Our fierce independence and strict adherence to quality standards sets us apart from the pack.

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Cape Fishermen & Farmers

We provide honest, dependable shore support to keep you fishing. We are proud to represent some of our area’s top producers. Learn firsthand the CFL difference. 

Food Service

Our unique facility accommodates our position as both a primary purchaser, processor, and distributer. Our extensive industry experience and buying power affords our customers with the highest quality products available at the best possible price, with preferred access when markets are tight. 

Please call us (508) 432-7180 or email to become a new customer or vendor. We warmly welcome you to visit our plant, conveniently located in Commerce Park, South Chatham. 

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